About the Buy and Sell category

Either you want to buy something or you want to sell something. It’s totally fine to give something away. The “something” must be 5-pin bowling related and you get one chance.

Do not ever for any reason post anything for sale here that is not related to 5-pin bowling. No warnings, no whining, you’re out. There is enough nonsense posted in the Facebook group ostensibly for this purpose and we’re not inviting that nonsense here. If you’re not sure whether what you want to post is 5-pin bowling related, then post it in the Facebook group and find out.

If we really like you, then we might give you a warning. That’s completely and totally our call. And no, there’s no appeals process. We’re too old and tired for that nonsense. Just follow the rules. It’s not hard.

If you’d like to post an item for sale, you first need to ask for permission.