Youth Provincials

Youth Provincials happening across the country so I thought we should have a space to recognize the future up & coming athletes of our sport.


Not sure if I can post videos here but
I just wanted to share this moment :heart:

The bantam boy team I coached finished 1st & earned themselves a spot of team Manitoba.

I left them in the dark all day in terms of results and placing, we set roles for each & mine as coach was to keep track of score & how we were doing & there’s was to focus on being good teammates & hitting their target .

This was their genuine reaction to finding out.


Being a good teammate and hitting your target… I like it. That reaction was gold!!!

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I’d prefer not to host video, because that becomes expensive quickly, but links to video hosted by huge corporations are very welcome. :slight_smile:

Congrats! Saw the video and loved their reaction.

Seniors Teams Killed it this weekend, The St James Boys Team kept it close for the first 3 games today, The Dakota boys took some time to find their lines but once they found it they were money…back to back 600+ to close it out.
Dakota Girls were consistent all day, and they listened to me! :joy: Chloe was a champ at cheering on her teammate when she had her one off game.

Natalie and I are 2 proud coaches today! Congrats to all the other winners this weekend!