What's your upcoming tournament schedule?

Here’s what’s going on for @jbrains in 2024:

  • Newfoundland Bowling Tour’s Body Quest Classic (or Challenge? I never remember), May 2-5, 2024.[1]
  • Québec Classic, May 17-19, 2024.
  • Presqu’île Lanes year-end Steltronic no-tap, you-can-buy-one-mulligan-per-game Scotch Doubles, June 2024.
  • Four Hundred North Lifestyle Invitational, June 2024.
  • Club Tour Oshawa, August 2024.
  • Newfoundland Bowling Tour’s Body Quest Challenge (or Classic, whichever the other one isn’t), September 2024.
  • Autumn Open, October 2024.
  • The Player’s Championship at Sherwood, November 2024.
  • Manitoba Open, December 2024.


  1. My 50th birthday is May 4, 2024. Just sayin’. ↩︎

March 13 - 16: Newfoundland 5 Pin Open. Metro 3 (Plaza Bowl) Mixed Team.
March 17: Rock N Rollers - 1 game vs. Toppler Roses
March 30-31 (or April 6-7, I don’t remember and I’m taking a nap directly after this comment so I’m not checking schedules and shit rn) - Final 2 Masters Tournamets at St. Pat’s and Plaza Bowl
May 2-5: NBT

Then I believe we’ll be in the 5PL division finals so whenever that is… and if I am so fortunate that my team wins the Open and I make Masters, then those too.

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