What are you working on?

What part of your game are you working on these days?

Focus is a big part of my game I need to work on. I tend to lose focus easily while on the lanes and it leads to shoulder dropping.

Neat. What kind of “losing focus” seems to happen easily for you while on the lanes?

I tend to get distracted by what’s happening on the pairs beside me, or tend to look up from my spot when releasing the ball. Just things that shouldn’t be happening.

I have very strong peripheral vision, so I can see what’s happening 6 lanes or more on either side of me when I’m in my approach. I struggle often to shut those things out. I can remember literally delivering a ball and, in the middle of my slide, watching @Colton.Y four lanes to my right in his pushaway. :person_shrugging: (2023 Manitoba Open.)

I have learned to let those distractions in and not bother me, rather than try to shut them out. Very occasionally, I get tunnel vision and what’s happening around me looks out of focus. (2022 TPC was the last time.) I don’t know how to make this happen and I’ve stopped trying.

What do you think is going on for you? How are you working on it?

I reached a spot where I’m not actively working on anything. Putting everything I worked on all year to the test, essentially. Consistency and awareness.

Timing. Constantly working on timing so when I hit lanes that have sticky or slick approaches I can adjust accordingly. Whether that means slightly lowering the ball in set up or exaggerating the first step. Slow feet, get the ball out.

I think it’s just having too much on my mind. I’ve been taking extra time on the approach to laser focus on my spot before starting my delivery, and it’s starting to show, I’m hitting the middle much more consistently now

It’s funny how minimal that seems, but I think I just need to slow down my pre-delivery process a touch. I tend to rush my delivery at times because I don’t want other people to think I’m too slow.

How interesting! How did you decide to do that?

What “timing” is your “timing” here? Evenness? A particular pace? Something else?

When you slow down your pre-delivery process a touch, what happens for you?

Ah, yes! We’re also talking about that: I play slowly. I know it affects the tournament experience. Let’s talk.

I’ve worked hard all year, I’ve moved very far forward from where I was. The Open is in 5 days. It’s time to sit down and look around at where I am. Essentially when I practice in this period I’m only looking to maintain and perhaps correct anything that cropped up with my team, but there are no new concepts. Yet.

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Release point. Feet and arm swing working together as one.

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