Travel Tips: Timmins

What I learned about traveling around Timmins.

  • Right at Mid-Town Bowl: Holiday Inn, Pick of the Crop, Starbucks, Hollinger House Bakery and Deli.
  • Cash only at the bar at the Lanes!
  • Remember that Monday after the tournament is Family Day, so stuff will be closed. Plan ahead.
  • Uride is the local Uber alternative. Timmins Taxi +1 705 268-6868 as the backup.
  • Liquor store (LCBO) is a long walk that goes past banks, but is a tricky walk in the winter. There’s a Bulk Barn nearby it.
  • Osaka Sushi is a good choice for a sit-down meal.

If you’re checking a bag, even though Timmins airport is small, you might need an extra 20 minutes to check in. It takes either 5 minutes or 30 minutes to check in and drop a bag, there doesn’t seem to be anything in between.