THE WORK - Productive Practices

Anders Ericksson went to great lengths to validate that we all can be more than we are simply through what he referenced as Deliberate Practice. Ultimately its all about putting time into your regular practices in a productive manner.

Coming to practice with a goal in mind that pushes you to improve. In the long term, we benefit from the push we give ourselves far more than the push that may come from external sources. Win or lose there’s more learning you can do.

So…I am curious within the WORK you do, how do you push yourself physically and mentally to keep moving forward? Some suggestions to consider;

  1. Narrow the gap mentally and physically between how you apply yourself in tournament mode and practice,
  2. Identify your personal bests with results, and process success. Such as how many spares in a row, how consistently do you hold your follow through. How consistent are you at detecting and correcting
  3. Role Play - a strong connection here brings imagery to life
  4. Self Talk - monitor and replace unproductive talk
  5. Minimal practice 90 minutes minimal 3/week
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One thing comes to mind specifically: treating practice explicitly as the place to build new muscle memory so that when I perform, I can let those thoughts go more easily and the interfere less with my attempts to compete.

Yes that is a good benefit of practicing