Regina Classic 2024: After Party

Whether you attended or not, bowled or not, let’s talk about the 2024 Regina Classic. What was it like for you? A few things stood out for me:

  • Five perfect game attempts, one got there.
  • Pretty good live stream, at least as far as my partner told me while following the results back at the hotel. Uneven at times, but generally good.
  • Excellent playing area. The renovations looked really good!
  • Wonderful bar service.
  • Timely announcements about afternoon shift start times, which is really good for people like me who want a late start to the day.
  • The French Press coffee is the place to go in the mornings, if you’re bowling the afternoon shift.

I don’t know what it’ll take for me not to come back. Injury, death, poverty, or apocalypse, I guess.


What stood out for me was the never quit attitude of so many of the bowlers. Match play was exciting and big leads went away.
Great example of the mental game being there.
The staff at The Golden Mile were awesome.
Very much enjoyed my first time at the event.

Yup! This was but one example…

The support staff at the event and volunteers make this run so well. Hard to argue this is one of the best run events in Canada.

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No question! Even just knowing far in advance that the afternoon shift has been officially pushed back helps a lot, even when the lanes are only a 5-minute walk away. It made a big difference for me both days.