About the Clinic category

Here is where you can focus on improving at the game. You can talk about that elsewhere, but whatever you post here needs to be focused on improvement. People reading this category don’t want to wade through nonsense to find the gold. (I’m mentioning this for a friend.)

Please feel invited to

  • ask for help
  • offer help
  • whine, cry, scream
  • share—even brag about—your progress

There is a fine line between good-natured chirping and shaming folks for their performance or their struggles. If you’re not sure which side of the line you’re standing on, then post your comments somewhere else and find out. :wink:

Promoting paid coaching programs, books, and other for-profit/commercial items is absolutely allowed here, but so is posting reviews of those things, as long as you keep the reviews civil. (If you’re not sure whether it’s civil… you get it by now, right?)

Here are some tags that you might find helpful: mental-game, physical-game, conditions, adjustments, gear.