Who else slides out of their Dexter heel on custom shoes?!

I learned at 2024 Regina Classic that Bobby Kyte also slid out of his heels twice when he made custom shoes out of Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors. Like… the heel disengages from the velcro even though the velcro is perfectly glued to the shoe. It happens to me 3 times in 18 months and to Bobby twice… except in his case at tournaments. For me, it was just league play. Painful, but survivable.

Davin Florent suggested that the narrow heel is the culprit. It makes some kind of sense from a physics point of view, especially with the ridged H1 and H2 heels, but it makes less sense with an H4, which is flat. But now that Bobby tells me that he’s had the same problem, I buy the idea more easily.

Who else? Who else knows? What is going on?

I’ve switched to S8 slider + S2 heel and I’ve adjusted pretty well to it, so my interest in this is more to have the option of using an H-rated heel if I need it.

I personally like to slide I use an S10 front and an S4 for my heal . In all the pairs of shoes ive made which is a few lol I’ve never had a slider come off from my shoe .

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If a slider came off without being ripped off by an elevated approach (happened to me on Friday, I think, when I lifted my foot) or a messed-up approach, I’d probably set fire to my shoes on the spot.

I’ll be doing some shoe rebuilding in the coming days.

I managed to get this velcro on the old Chuck Taylors in time to try them out tonight, at least during warm-up. The velcro seems stronger than anything I’ve bought so far, but who knows?!

UPDATE: The shoe held up very well tonight for 3 games during league play. I’m encouraged.

I’ve run custom shoes with Dexter sliders and heels for probably 15 years and have made shoes for others.

I use velcro that comes in a roll from Walmart. It has a sticky adhesive on the other side. It’s a pretty simply process. My only tip if you use that particular Velcro is to make sure you use the Velcro on the entire bottom of the shoe. If you don’t, the pressure from sliding will slowly push the heel Velcro off the shoe to the rear.

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The velcro sticking to the shoe is not the problem and has never been the problem for me. It’s the heel coming off the velcro when I slide that is the problem. In Regina, Bobby Kyte told me that he had the same problem specificallly with Chuck Taylors.

Sliders on heels is the way to go… For Velcro I’ve tried a few different types, smaller 1 inch strips seem to be the way to go.
If you think of how sst shoes are the soles it’s a rocker style(elevated heel) when you make customs especially flat bottom styles like chucks the pressure of an elevated heel is going to be severe so it will be prone to rip off.

Go to for customs is to hard glue the heel… Either a S2 or S4 slider and just do the Velcro for the front slider. I’ve made close to 60 pairs at this point and have had maybe 2 or 3 have not worked out.

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I’m not ready to glue a heel on just yet, partly because I’m feeling comfortable with an S2 heel and haven’t tried S4 yet. I’d still like the flexibility. I think this will hold and I like it much more than I’d expected to. :slight_smile:

Weird. I’ve never had an issue and my last shoes were the same shoe. I had to get rid of them because I wore a hole in my drag shoe

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