Tournament Ideas # 2

Hi All,

If you can’t tell I end up going down rabbit holes of different tournament formats every once in a while. So here is another idea that I came up with that I think would be an interesting event but on a very different scale then my other idea previously posted.

In my head I see this event as a large scale team event that likely would take place across 4 days. It is a pick your own team system with no restrictions as to where members are from (ie, team members do not need to reside in the same zone/province), where each team is comprised of three men and three ladies.

The entire tournament is comprised of 4 events: singles, doubles, triples, and teams. All team members would be playing in all events with further descriptions of each event below, however based on finishing positions each entry to the division would earn aggregate points form a “fifth” event.

Ultimately I would see this as a cash event to help encourage those who are unable to play for whatever reasons an additional incentive to participate in this event. With cash’s available in each event all teams receive multiple chances to cash each day, and with the biggest prize being awarded to the aggregate champion team of the tournament. With new events all day teams and individuals are more likely to stay engaged through the entire event as well.

Day 1 would be be a doubles event with each team submitting a men’s, women’s and mixed doubles. Qualifying would be six games pinfall, with the top (in theory lets say 8 teams) advancing to the match play round. The match play round would consist of a single round round against all qualifying teams, winners of each match would receive 100 bonus points. What I think would operate as a good basis to reward higher qualifiers is that all qualifying scores carry over to the match play round.

Day 2 would be Men’s and Ladies triples event working on the same premise as above. Day 3 would a single team event (5 playing with a pull), again match play working the same way as above.

Day 4 would be a singles event where the top 24 men & top 24 ladies qualify based on average through the first 3 events, to play in a double elimination, best of five bracket.

I am interested to hear peoples opinions on an event such as this? Is there anything you would personally like to see with this, or even if such an event would be feasible. Like I said just another idea I had thought of, and is here for everyone’s read and enjoyment.


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Hey there,

Absolutely love the idea of something like this, however I believe that all your team mates would have to be from the same area/province, meaning be able to all bowl together at the same time, in the same bowling centre.

Issues I see if the team is not all bowling together, in the same bowling centre:

  • Can’t guarantee that everyone can get the same rates for lineage, so prize funds would be hard or next to impossible to figure out ahead of time
  • if not from the same bowling centre, having 6 live feeds all at the same time, to keep them in the same frame, so you can make a pull when necessary. This would also probably be hard for 6 live feeds from team 1, 6 live feeds from team 2, and 1 mediator to watch all 12 to ensure accuracy or I don’t want to say it but no cheating(money on the line I wouldn’t want to have any doubt that I lost money cause someone had a friend in the back pulling down pins cause there was no live feed for all players, or someone watching closely on 12 different feeds) Sorry I would love to think this would never happen in our close knit bowling community, but if I’m the tournament organizer/director I must guarantee you as a competitor that it can’t or won’t !
  • Will mention some others, but somehow can’t see your writing while replying lol

100 percent doable if all team mates from same bowling centre like I said above, and teams can be from any province as we know from 5PL that is not an issue to do.
With the amount of days, events, games, to be played, I see this as probably a larger paying tournament which might be hard to get traction, but still very doable if people can get pass the cost vs. How much they can win, and also have 4-5 chances to win money back.

Interested in this kinda idea for sure though if the kinks were worked out.

I love the idea of a team tournament, since I believe that’s missing from the cash tournament scene. I participated for several years in the Atlantic team tournament and that filled a big hole in the tournament schedule for the year.

At the same time, I note two significant problems with the team format:

  • It’s hard for individual bowlers to break in to the community, which is something I felt very keenly early on. (People are cliquish.)
  • It’s too easy for elite teams to dominate, especially if we have no restrictions on putting together teams.

At the same time, if we don’t allow people to form their own teams without restriction, then we run into the problem that groups of people do not have the opportunity to become teams. And that’s less interesting to me. I want that team bonding experience and I also want the experience of bowling on a team where we stay together, I belong, they belong, everyone belongs.

And maybe that’s just a fantasy. :slight_smile:

I would absolutely go to an event like this if I felt less like an outsider crashing the party. Five-years-ago-me would probably feel very uncomfortable in a way that nowadays-me has mostly got over.

As far as the events go, I like them and we could imagine many enjoyable permutations of them.

At a minimum, I’d like to see an elite team event somewhere.

Really love the idea of a Ryder Cup style team tournament with different formats each day but not sure about the feasibility if we are trying to include all provinces.

It would be fun to try something like this as a side tourney, like if this were to run during Masters Nationals, you could divide the 21 games between each format and pick teams based off who made nationals. You wouldn’t get to bowl with your “teammates” but at least everyone would be in the same area already as opposed to adding an additional flights and a week worth of holidays.

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