Talkin' 'bout practice

What’s on your practice agenda these days? What are you working on? What are you focusing on?

I have recently made good strides in focusing, meaning narrowing attention. I have good peripheral vision, which means that I see a lot of possible distractions. I’ve been working on letting those distraction flow through me quickly and I think I’ve made some progress there.

For now, my primary practice point is listening to my body and going with what works that day, as opposed to stubbornly clinging to something that ought to work, but isn’t.

Example: at 2024 Regina Classic, I spent Thursday magically finding a finger position on the ball that felt very comfortable. The ball felt secure in my hand and came off my fingers really well. On Friday I remembered that grip and tried to recreate it, but it felt not quite right. Even so, since it had felt so great the day before, I kept trying to make it work. Through 3.5 games I shot about 760. Finally, out of desperation, I just grabbed the ball however my hand wanted to grab it. That felt immediately comfortable, then I shot about 1210 for the last 4.5 games. The lesson I took from this experience was simple: find what works that day, rather than clinging to what worked yesterday.

So that’s my goal for the next few practice sessions: just hit the middle hard and adjust to what feels like it’s working that day, rather than trying to make my body do a certain thing. The body knows; I need to listen.

For the past few weeks all I have been trying to focus on was the feel of the ball in my hand. And like you said, not to recreate any feelings, just feel it. Instead of blindly and carelessly waving my arm at the lane and hoping the ball that happens to be there goes down the lane the way I want, I am throwing the ball the way I want. If that makes any sense.

I’ve also changed balls for the first time in 12 years. 3-10 Epco Urethanes to 3-8 Paramounts. Because I can tell there is a ball in my hand, lol, I noticed my arm just stopping with the heavier balls. Not sure why that would happen but I can come all the way through the lighter balls and they are giving me beautiful action.

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