Practice Log: @jbrains


I had a decent practice yesterday that included a stretch of hitting the middle 47/55, but it felt very much like my focus came in and out throughout. I find it so much easier to sustain focus in a tournament environment. I’ll have to attend more to that next time.

Even so, I did what I set out to do for the session, so I’m satisfied with the results.

Reminder for the next practice: spend more time specifically trying to keep focus at tournament level. If I can sustain that for 6 hours, then 2 hours shouldn’t be that hard.

I think awareness is possibly the first step. We tend to be human and are distracted sometimes. All we do is gently bring ourselves back without blame or judgement.

Rather than want two hours try monitoring self for the duration of focus then set a goal of five minutes longer. And on from there.

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Indeed, thank you for the reminder. This is how I was measuring hitting my target: tracking streaks. I could just start, then track when I notice the focus waning.



Attend to focus. Try to sustain tournament-level focus for longer periods. Work my way up. Start with 10 minutes, then add 5-minute increments. Be aware of when it starts to break down.


Four timed sessions of bowling, counting streaks of hitting the middle. 10, 15, 15, then 20 minutes. Moderate pace. Tournament focus but not tournament speed: relaxed but not slow. I noticed two stretches of missing and struggling to refocus, but otherwise, it went well. I had a streak of 14. Thoughts about results snuck in, but didn’t take over. I kept a good-natured attitude (almost entirely) about my mind wandering.


Similar practice plan. 20 minutes, then 25 minutes. Hit the middle. Track streaks. Maintain tournament-level focus.


Focus was strong for the first session, 24/28 on the middle. I had a stretch of a few minutes during the second session where I lost focus repeatedly. 24/33 including a stretch of 12 in a row. :man_shrugging:



Similar practice plan: 25 minutes, then 30 minutes. Hit the middle, track streaks, maintain tournament-level focus.

Spend 10 minutes trying to walk straighter, notably the second step: step forward instead of crossing over the left foot. Pay attention to the feeling of balance along the centerline of my body.


Focus was very bad, so I abandoned the project. Instead, I spent the time building muscle memory in putting my right foot down farther right than usual, meaning in a straighter path to the foul line. I did this bit horribly.



Build muscle memory walking straight. Feel the right hip as a proxy for putting the right foot down in a straighter path to the foul line. Observe and feel the difference.


I noticed dropping my shoulder much less frequently. I can also feel myself falling off balance much more easily and earlier in my approach.

I felt much more confident in the shot and I look forward to how this feels in league night


Another session of trying to lay down new muscle memory. The right foot is stepping farther right, but not very often yet. I feel it much more clearly when I drift left, so the body is gradually adjusting. I’m trying very hard not to tell myself stories about what’s happening when I drift, but today was a mediocre mind day, so focus wasn’t top notch. :person_shrugging:


I threw 150 shots in 95 minutes, practising both speeding up my routine and stepping straight with my right foot on the second step. Both felt quite good.

My right foot was landing closer to where it needs to be, but still not far-enough right. I’ll put that out of my mind during league play, then get back to it on Friday.